Laminar Composites,
Edition 1
By George Staab, Educated to Ph.D. at Purdue

Publication Date: 02 Jun 1999
This text provides students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to identify, model, and solve structural analysis problems. The material is illustrated throughout with numerous diagrammatic examples, as well as example problems similar in nature to those found in lower level strength of materials texts. The difficulty of these and the homework problems varies from simple to complex. A solutions manual is provided for lecturers who adopt the book for classroom teaching.This book mirrors the teaching method used in strength of materials courses taught in the first years of an undergraduate degree and relate this higher level treatment back to that. The author is involved in the development of the latest teaching methods (with McGraw Hill), and his style is straightforward. There is web-mounted software to back up the book's content, plus a solutions manual for instructors. There are approximately 20-30 homework problems per chapter, making a substantial body of material for teaching use.

Key Features

Mirrors the teaching method used in strength of materials courses Straightforward and user-friendly writing style Web-mounted software and solutions manual for instructors
About the author
By George Staab, Educated to Ph.D. at Purdue, Faculty Emeritus, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Ohio State University
Table of Contents
Introduction to Composite Materials; Review of Stress, Strain and Material Behavior; Lamina Analysis; Mechanical Test Methods for Lamina Failure Theories; Laminate Analysis; Appendix A - Computer Program Description, B - Fundamentals of Matrices, C - Generalized Transformations, D - Summary of Useful Equations; Glossary
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ISBN: 9780750671248
Page Count: 328
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