Industrial Machinery Repair,
Edition 1 Best Maintenance Practices Pocket Guide
By Ricky Smith and R. Keith Mobley, President and CEO of Integrated Systems, Inc.

Publication Date: 18 Jul 2003

Industrial Machinery Repair provides a practical reference for practicing plant engineers, maintenance supervisors, physical plant supervisors and mechanical maintenance technicians. It focuses on the skills needed to select, install and maintain electro-mechanical equipment in a typical industrial plant or facility.

The authors focuses on "Best Maintenance Repair Practices" necessary for maintenance personnel to keep equipment operating at peak reliability and companies functioning more profitably through reduced maintenance costs and increased productivity and capacity.

A number of surveys conducted in industries throughout the United States have found that 70% of equipment failures are self-induced. If the principles and techniques in this book are followed, it will result in a serious reduction in "self induced failures".

In the pocketbook format, this reference material can be directly used on the plant floor to aid in effectively performing day-to-day duties. Data is presented in a concise, easily understandable format to facilitate use in the adverse conditions associated with the plant floor. Each subject is reduced to it simplest terms so that it will be suitable for the broadest range of users. Since this book is not specific to any one type of industrial plant and is useful in any type of facility.

Key Features

  • The new standard reference book for industrial and mechanical trades
  • Accessible pocketbook format facilitates on-the-job use
  • Suitable for all types of plant facilities
About the author
By Ricky Smith, CMRP,Reliability Strategy Leader Ivara Corporation and R. Keith Mobley, President and CEO of Integrated Systems, Inc., Integrated Systems Inc., Knoxville, TN, USA
Table of Contents

Why Utilize Best Maintenance Repair Practices?What is True Preventive Maintenance?Maintenance Skills AssessmentSafetyBalancing; Bearings; Chain DrivesCompressors; Control ValvesConveyors; CouplingsDust CollectorsFans and MotorsGearsHydraulicsLubricationMachinery InstallationMixers and AgitatorsPacking and SealsPrecision MeasurementsPumpsSteam TrapsV-Belt DrivesWelding

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ISBN: 9780750676212
Page Count: 552
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