Edition 2 Theory and Practice of Measuring Reservoir Rock and Fluid Transport Properties
By Erle C. Donaldson and Djebbar Tiab, Professor Emeritus, H-Index 26

Publication Date: 16 Dec 2003
The petroleum geologist and engineer must have a working knowledge of petrophysics in order to find oil reservoirs, devise the best plan for getting it out of the ground, then start drilling. This book offers the engineer and geologist a manual to accomplish these goals, providing much-needed calculations and formulas on fluid flow, rock properties, and many other topics that are encountered every day. New updated material covers topics that have emerged in the petrochemical industry since 1997.

Key Features

  • Contains information and calculations that the engineer or geologist must use in daily activities to find oil and devise a plan to get it out of the ground
  • Filled with problems and solutions, perfect for use in undergraduate, graduate, or professional courses
  • Covers real-life problems and cases for the practicing engineer
About the author
By Erle C. Donaldson, Professor Emeritus, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, USA and Djebbar Tiab, Professor Emeritus, H-Index 26, Consultant and Senior Professor of Petroleum Engineering, University of Oklahoma
Table of Contents
Introduction to MineralogyPetroleum GeologyPorosity and PermeabilityFormation Resistivity and Water SaturationCapillary PressureWettabilityApplications of Darcy's LawNaturally Fractured Reservoirs IntroductionEffect of Stress on Rock Properties Static Stress - Strain RelationFluid-rock Interaction Importance of Near-Wellbore Permeability
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ISBN: 9780750677110
Page Count: 920
Retail Price : £110.00
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Students and Professionals in petroleum engineering and geosciences departments, reservoir engineers, petroleum geologists