International Business Control, Reporting and Corporate Governance,
Edition 1 Global business best practice across cultures, countries and organisations
By Georges Nurdin

Publication Date: 30 Oct 2008
This book is designed to help Business Controllers / Accountants / Finance Directors / Bankers / Financial Analysts / Business Consultants to understand that International Business Control is much more than just a business being IFRS and US GAAP compliant, or just an extension of the domestic HQ control system.

Key Features

•Go beyond IFRS and GAAP to see what best practice measures can be put in place to avoid global business failure
•Look at the cross-cultural issues surrounding global businesses and be easy to read, understandable and easy to memorize – a practical book for the busy financial and business control manager
•Combine case studies of the best global businesses who have wide global practice (eg GE, du Pont de Nemours, Toyota, Siemens, Valéo, Scania, etc.) with advanced academic research
About the author
By Georges Nurdin, Consultant and advisor on Global Business Development
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ISBN: 9780750683838
Page Count: 240
Retail Price : £29.99
Financial and Business Control Managers, coming from a technical/professional background (e.g. Accountants, Finance Directors) who are faced with a business situation where they will have to deal both globally and across cultures. This is the case for executives, managers and professionals who are promoted from a domestic role to an international position, (e.g. HQ global role, or expatriation) or who have to control/operate complex joint ventures combining culturally diverse organisations, or who are involved in off-shoring operations/global sourcing. The book is also for managers, accountants and bankers involved in trans-national Mergers & Acquisition.