The Wireless Internet Explained,
Edition 1
By John Rhoton

Publication Date: 01 Nov 2001
The Wireless Internet Explained covers the full spectrum of wireless technologies from a wide range of vendors, including initiatives by Microsoft and Compaq. The Wireless Internet Explained takes a practical look at wireless technology. Rhoton explains the concepts behind the physics, and provides an overview that clarifies the convoluted set of standards heaped together under the umbrella of wireless. It then expands on these technical foundations to give a panorama of the increasingly crowded landscape of wireless product offerings. When it comes to actual implementation the book gives abundant down-to-earth advice on topics ranging from the selection and deployment of mobile devices to the extremely sensitive subject of security.

Written by an expert on Internet messaging, the author of Digital Press's successful Programmer's Guide to Internet Mail and X.400 and SMTP: Battle of the E-mail Protocols, The Wireless Internet Explained describes and evaluates the current state of the fast-growing and crucial field of wireless communications.

Key Features

Covers phone-based systems, PDAs and the wireless office
Describes and evaluates the current state of the fast-
growing and crucial field of wireless communications
About the author
By John Rhoton, Principal Member of Technical Staff, HP Consulting and Integration. Based in Vienna, Austria.
Table of Contents
Wireless Technology; Air Interfaces; Mobile Devices; Infrastructure; Applications; Security; Implementation; Future Directions
Book details
ISBN: 9781555582579
Page Count: 320
Illustrations : Approx. 100 illustrations
Retail Price : £34.99
Managers, administrators, and IT professionals. Also: Vendors, sales and marketing staffs