Readings in Intelligent User Interfaces,
Edition 1
By Mark Maybury and Wolfgang Wahlster

Publication Date: 01 Apr 1998

This book represents a collection of the classic and contemporary readings in the field of Intelligent User Interfaces. An invaluable resource for students, professors, research scientists and engineers, it includes both fundamental research and applied innovations in the key areas of IUI including input analysis, output generation, user and discourse adapted interaction, agent-based interaction, model-based interface design, and evaluation.

Editors Maybury and Wahlster, two prominent researchers in the field of Intelligent User Interfaces, offer an introduction to the field along with commentary on each topic. In order to provide a uniquely synergistic view they chose a five person interdisciplinary review board to act as a sounding board for the organization of the book that included paper selection and reviewing commentary for the editors. Each paper concludes with a reflection by the original author on what worked, what did not, and where opportunities remain, as well as commentary on subsequent research and advances since the publication of their work, including important developments and key follow-up publications by the author and others.

Editorial Review Board:

Dr. Oliviero Stock, Instituto per la Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica (IRST), Trento, Italy

Dr. Eduard Hovy, Information Science Institute (ISI), University of Southern California

Dr. Johanna D. Moore, University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Steven F. Roth, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Sharon Oviatt, Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology

About the author
By Mark Maybury and Wolfgang Wahlster
Table of Contents


I: Multimedia Input Analysis

1.1 "Put-That-There": Voice and Gesture at the Graphics Interface

Bolt, R. A.

1.2 Synergetic Use of Direct Manipulation and Natural Language

Cohen, P. R.; Dalrymple, M.; Moran, D. B.; Pereira, F. C. N.;

Sullivan, J. W.; Gargan Jr, R. A.; Schlossberg, J. L. and Tyler, S. W.

1.3 Natural Language with Integrated Deictic and Graphic Gestures

Neal, J. G.; Thielman, C. Y.; Dobes, Z.; Haller, S. M. and

Shapiro, S. C.

1.4 Integrating Simultaneous Output from Speech, Gaze, and Hand


Koons, D. B.; Sparrell, C. J. and Thorisson, K. R.

1.5 The Use of Eye Movement in Human Computer Interaction

Techniques: What you Look at is What you Get

Jacob, R.

II: Multimedia Presentation Design

2.1 Automating the Generation of Coordinated Multimedia Explanations

Feiner, S. K. and McKeown, K. R.

2.2 Planning Multimedia Explanations Using Communicative Acts

Maybury, M. T.

2.3 Plan-based Integration of Natural Language and Graphics


Wahlster, W.; Andr¦, E.; Finkler, W.; Profitlich H. J. and Rist T.

2.4 Presentation Design Using an Integrated Knowledge Base

Arens, Y.; Miller, L.; and Sondheimer, N. K.

2.5 Automatic Generation of Technical Documentation

Reiter, E.; Mellish, C. and Levine, J.

2.6 The Knowledge Underlying Multimedia Presentations

Arens, Y.; Hovy, E. and Vossers, M.

III: Automated Graphic Design

3.1 Automating the Design of Graphical Presentations of

Relational Information

Mackinlay, J. D.

3.2 Data Characterization for Intelligent Graphics Presentation

Roth, S. F. and Mattis.

3.3 A Task-Analytic Approach to the Automated Design of

Information Graphic Presentations

Casner, S. M.

3.4 Automated Generation of Intent-Based 3D Illustrations

Seligmann, D. and Feiner, S.

3.5 Interactive Graphic Design Using Automatic Presentation


Roth, S. F.; Kolojejchick, J.; Mattis, J. and Goldstein, J.

IV: Automated Layout

4.1 A Grid-Based Approach to Automating Display Layout

Feiner, S. K.

4.2 Automatic Generation of Formatted Text

Hovy, E. and Arens, Y.


4.3 Constraint-Based Graphical Layout of Multimodal


Graf, W.

4.4 An Empirical Study of Algorithms for Point Feature

Label Placement

Christensen, J.; Marks, J. and Shieber,S.

4.5 Grammar-based Articulation for Multimedia Document


Weitzman, L. and Wittenburg, K.

V: User and Discourse Modeling

5.1 User Modeling via Stereotypes

Rich, E.

5.2 Intelligent User Interfaces as Agents

Chin, D.

5.3 User and Discourse Models for Multimodal Communication

Wahlster, W.

5.4 KN-AHS: An Adaptive Hypertext Client of the User Modeling

System BGP-MS

Kobsa A.; Mƒller, D. and Nill, A.

5.5 Planning Text For Advisory Dialogues: Capturing Intentional and

Rhetorical Information

Moore, J. D. and Paris, C. L.

5.6 Planning Interactive Explanations

Cawsey, A.

5.7 Natural Language and Exploration of an Information Space: the

AlFresco Interactive System

Stock, O.

5.8 The Application of Natural Language Models to Intelligent


Burger, J. and Marshall, R.

VI: Model Based Interfaces

6.1 Steamer: An Interactive Inspectable Simulation-Based Training


Hollan, J.; Hutchins, E. and Weitzman, L.

6.2 Knowledge-Based User Interface Management System

Foley, J.; Gibbs, C.; Kim, W. and Kovacevic, S. A.

6.3 ITS: A Tool for Rapidly Developing Interactive Applications

Wiecha, C.; Bennett, W.; Boies, S.; Gould, J. and Green, S.

6.4 Beyond Interface builders: Model-based interface tools

Szekely, P.; Luo, P. and Neches, R.

6.5 Model Based Automated Generation of User Interfaces

Puerta, A.

6.6 Automatic Generation of a User Interface for Highly Interactive

Business-Oriented Applications

Vanderdonckt, J.

VII: Agent Interfaces

7.1 Agents that Reduce Work and Information Overload

Maes, P.

7.2 Embedding Critics in Design Environments

Fischer, G.; Nakakoji, K.; Ostwald, J.; Stahl, G. and Sumner, T.

7.3 Multimodal Interaction for Distributed Interactive Simulation

Cohen, P.; Johnston, M.; McGee, D.; Oviatt, S.; Pittman, J.; Smith, I.;

Chen, L. and Clow, J.

7.4 Speech Dialogue with Facial Displays: Multimodal Human-Computer


Nagao, K. and Takeuchi, A.

7.5 Animated Conversation: Rule-based Generation of Facial Expression,

Gesture and Spoken Intonation for Multiple Conversational Agents

Cassell, J.; Pelachaud, C.; Badler, N.; Steedman, M.; Achorn, B.;

Becket, W.; Douville, B.; Prevost, S. and Stone, M.

VIII: Evaluation

8.1 A Morphological Analysis of the Design Space of Input Devices

Card, S. K.; MacKinlay, J. D. and Robertson, G. G.

8.2 Wizard of Oz Studies - Why and How

Dahlbaeck, N.; Joensson, A. and Ahrenberg, L.

8.3 User-centered Modeling for Spoken Language and Multimodal


Oviatt, S. L.

8.4 PARADISE: A Framework for Evaluating Spoken Dialogue Agents

Walker, M.; Litman, D.; Kamm, C. and Abella, A.

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