Visual Information Retrieval,
Edition 1
By Alberto del Bimbo

Publication Date: 03 Jun 1999

The increasing use of multimedia in computer applications has increased the relevance of visual databases. These visual databases require new methods for archiving and retrieving information, as traditional approaches used previously to index textual data are no longer appropriate. Visual Information Retrieval concentrates on solutions for representation, indexing, and querying by content of visual information, reviewing the main approaches and techniques available. Single image indexing, querying and retrieval by content, video segmentation, annotation, and content-based indexing are all examined. The book will appeal to practitioners and graduates/researchers involved in visual database issues in multimedia and image processing.

About the author
By Alberto del Bimbo
Table of Contents
1. Visual Information Retrieval
2. Image Retrieval by Color Similarity
3. Image Retrieval by Texture Similarity
4. Image Retrieval by Shape Similarity
5. Image Retrieval by Spatial Relationships
6. Content-Based Video Retrieval
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ISBN: 9781558606241
Page Count: 270
Retail Price : £58.99